Do you know the real value of your unwanted X-ray film? Do you want income from your outdated X-ray? We are a leading X-ray recycling company in Houston, Texas, providing X-ray film recycling and recovery services. We have been in the business since 1981. We can help turn your outdated / end of life X-Ray and MRI film into significant revenue. We pick-up x-rays anywhere in the US for FREE.


Our recycling program includes a free pick-up and cash back for your films. We pick-up x-rays with a very short notice and pay by the LB prior to the silver recovery process. The company provides HIPAA compliant Certificate of Destruction for X-rays and all paper jackets and medical papers/envelopes we receive along with the film. We are licensed, insured and registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Our silver recovery process is 100% eco-friendly. We do recycling for all types of x-rays including medical and dental x-rays, veterinary, NDT film, lithographic film, industrial, and other radiology films.

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For more information regarding our X-ray recycling services and the silver recovery process, simply call and speak to us at 713-505-4299. We are happy to hear from you.

Types of x-ray film recycled.

We recycle all kinds of X-Rays, such as medical X-Rays, MRI, Dental,vets, NDT film, industrial, lithographic and most kinds of other radiology photography.

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